Taking Meditation Deeper


Having experimented with the basic instructions on how to meditate, you may now be experiencing a number of results. Perhaps the busyness of your mind makes you think meditation is impossible for you. This is a common feeling.

At this point a qualified meditation teacher would be able to help you discuss your experience and guide you in exploring your meditation practice and taking your practice deeper. They would be able to point out aspects of your experience to you and transmit their own insights. Such a guide is invaluable.

Further Meditation Instructions

The act of focusing on the body and/or the breath are not the essence of this Buddhist meditation. They are just a means for setting yourself up so that meditation can happen.
In the Awakened Heart Sangha this practice is called: “Formless Meditation”. The actual essence of the meditation practice can be summed up as:

  • Wake up into your immediate experience
  • Connect to the heart
  • Be fully present
  • Open out into space

You could use the words ‘wake, heart, be, open’ as a phrase on their own, possibly repeating them from time to time to remind yourself of what the practice is about.

The short video below given by Tara from the Awakened Heart Sangha at one of our meditation retreats, explains ‘why meditate, how to meditate and what is meditation?’ and is a helpful introduction to the meditation instructions: